Measure, report and verify land-tenure status arrangements over communal/indigenous agri-carbon projects

The climate-tech industry's first blockchain land rights measurement, reporting and verification (MRV) platform for derisking investments into Africa's agri-carbon project sector


Measure, Report and Verify land rights status over land-based climate projects

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Tenure Right Declaration, Reconciliation and Pre-Registration

Keva's tenure rights and legal specialists work with Carbon Project Coordinators in implementing country-specific legal templates that reconcile carbon, tree and land rights into a bundle of rights fit for registration at the statutory level.

Post-Project Land Rights MRV and USSD Land Governance

Leveraging Keva's smart contract system, farmers and project owners are able to make collective decisions via participatory land governance voting mechanisms. Investors, project owners and auditors are able to access data illustrating relationships between carbon credit payout recipients, gender distribution of tree and land tenure rights. Stakeholders are also able to access blockchain proofs of enforecement of right to free, prior and informed consent (FPIC).

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Carbon Credit Payout Distribution

Streamline agri-carbon credit payout via MoMo (mobile money) payments

NFT-linked Land Rights Regularization Financing

Keva's native Pay-To-Regularize NFTs act as a social impact mechanism for investors to support climate-positive agricultural developments and subsidize the costs of land mapping, document preparation and land registration within smallholder-focused climate investment projects.

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