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At BenBen, we are committed to derisking Africa's 9.3 Tn land investment landscape across the mining, agriculture, real-estate and climate sectors. The complex and multifaceted nature of land rights in Africa and other regions in indigenous land tenure systems, make governance and enforcement a challenging task, leading to disputes and uncertainty for all stakeholders.

To tackle this issue, we leverage a combination of blockchain technology in a fit-for-purpose manner to build digital solutions for land rights governance. By working with various institutions in the financial and international development sectors, we develop and implement these solutions, with a focus on providing digitally accessible land rights data and governance systems to stakeholders involved in land-related transactions

Our ultimate objective at BenBen is to serve as the foundation of land market solutions in Africa. By promoting socio-economic welfare, land tenure security and equitable land governance across the continent, we aim to foster a secure and prosperous for Africa and its inhabitants.


Digitalizing African land market infrastructure - a requisite in Africa's progress towards securing land-based assets, investment, growth and development on the continent


To be a politically, culturally, socially and technologically agnostic system for securing immovable assets in perpetuity.


Transparency, Grit, People-First, Longevity

Meet The Senior Management

BenBen brings together a diverse and dynamic group of professionals, each bringing their unique skills and expertise to the table. Our team is made of leaders in the fields of land rights governance, blockchain engineering, geospatial engineering, climate finance, and African land policy.

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Emmanuel B. Noah

Chief Executive Officer

Emmanuel Buetey Noah is an accomplished senior executive and digital technology pioneer with a demonstrated track record of success in shaping global land sector technology adoption. He brings invaluable experience in land administration and digital technology, having worked with organizations such as FCDO and World Bank. Emmanuel currently advises the Government of Ghana on land rights and property reform policy as a member of the National Property Reforms Working Group. In his role as Chief Executive Officer, Emmanuel leads the execution of BenBen's mission and corporate strategy, leveraging his experience to drive innovation and growth.
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Carl E. Blay

Chief Technology Officer

Carl E. Blay is a seasoned Senior Software Developer with over a decade of experience in development and project management roles, including senior-level positions at several startups. His experience in crafting enterprise-grade solutions that scale, coupled with his prior startup experience, brings invaluable insight to BenBen's technology development. Carl's prior work spans industries such as advertisement, agriculture, language tech and health. He is committed to solutions that solve business needs, driving happy customers.
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Kofi Addo-Atuah

Chief Commercialization Officer

Kofi Addo-Atuah is a finance and marketing specialist with a MSc in Finance and Management from Keele University. His experience working with various organizations in Ghana including Ghana Enterprises Agency, Access Microfinance Holding AG and Barclays Bank (ABSA Bank), equips him with a unique perspective on how to drive revenue growth through the development of new products and services. As Chief Commercialization Officer, Kofi is responsible for leading BenBen's commercial strategy, driving innovation, and developing solutions that meet the needs of different stakeholders. Kofi's experience and expertise enable him to deliver value to BenBen by driving revenue growth and enhancing the company's position in the marketplace.
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Chris Eshun

Chief Geospatial Information Officer

Chris Eshun is a remote sensing and geospatial technologist with experience leading large-scale mapping projects run by Open Cities Accra and USAID's Youth Mappers. As a licensed RPAS pilot, and African Drone and Data Academy (ADDA) Level 2 graduate, Chris currently heads BenBen's geospatial team, responsible for guiding the execution of the company's mapping and spatial data strategy. His experience and expertise in geospatial technology enable him to drive innovation and help BenBen of achieving its mission of transforming land administration in Ghana.

Proponents and Investors

We have aligned ourselves with esteemed institutions in the global financial and development sectors, who share our passion for a secure and transparent land market infrastructure in Africa. Together, we strive to transform the face of land-based investments on the continent.

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